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Escort in Baltimore

If you’re looking for Baltimore escorts, female escorts in Baltimore, female companions in Baltimore, or Baltimore female escort providers, then this is the right place to be. is an adult classifieds website that allows users to post Baltimore Maryland ads in categories such as the one you’re in now – escorts.

If you are a Baltimore Independent provider, a companion who works part-time with an agency, or a Baltimore escort agency, then you are fortunate to have found this escort classified website. You can post free ads in our Baltimore escort section, and in our other categories as well. This helps your Baltimore escort service by saving you overhead costs.

Baltimore escorts are available for incalls and outcalls near you in Maryland, United States.

Baltimore GFE Providers

Baltimore GFE providers are not always what some clients believe them to be. A common misconception made by clients in Baltimore is that any ad that has that code (which stands for Girlfriend Experience) included in the escort ad must indicate that the companion that posted it must be providing some type of sexual service. We would strongly disagree with this assumption, as girlfriends across Baltimore, and all of Maryland for that matter, have vastly different practices, styles, and mannerisms from one another.

But, due to the confusion surrounding this Baltimore escort industry acronym, it is probably best that you stay away from any ads which have made it a point to include that code in it because the police may also take note of the ad and jump at the chance to police and control your body.

To give a proper example, just look back at how much the cops loved stomping on the people’s constitutional rights during the Rona fiasco. They stopped you from attending church, from seeing your loved ones in the hospital, they arrested people if there were more than 10 family members at a funeral, and they helped keep your businesses closed because they agreed with the government that deemed most of us non-essential.

For those who may say that the Baltimore cops didn’t do all that, we would say, really?! Even though all the police in Maryland didn’t include themselves in on the constitution stomping action, many did, and although they didn’t give the orders to do all that, they most certainly enforced them and enabled the tyranny. Why? Because they dig that kind of thing, that’s why.

Baltimore FS Escort

FS is an acronym that stands for Full Service and is at times confused with a guarantee of sexual services when seen in Baltimore companionship ads. Because of the confusion surrounding the acronym, many Baltimore escort agencies, or escorts, will include phrases like “Baltimore FS escort” in their ads strictly for marketing purposes but, they actually have no intention of providing those types of services to any of the clients who call them and book appointments.

For an easy to grasp perspective: Your vision of what full service should mean will almost certainly vary wildly from someone else in the Baltimore area. You may think that you should be getting sexual services, and the next guy will interpret it to mean a day at the beach, dinner at a fine restaurant, nude alligator wrestling, perhaps a movie as well, and a nice foot massage to end the night.

Like the code noted above this one, it is probably still best for you to steer clear of any ads with this reference, as the Baltimore police may jump at the chance to make your body their choice, and in a twist of irony, get paid to put you in handcuffs and strip you down naked to get a nice, good long look at your butthole.

BBBJ Baltimore Escort

A BBBJ Baltimore escort is allegedly offering the illegal service of Bareback Blow Job so, it is probably best to stay away from any ads with this code too. If you do actually decide to call the ad, you may just end up having to bend at the waist, spread your cheeks and cough a few times for a Baltimore cop that loves his job way too much. BTW, TruEscorts will not allow any of these acronyms or codes with potentially illegal meanings in any Baltimore escort ads.

Baltimore Independent, Outcall, and Incall Female Companions

Independent Baltimore female companions do not work with an agency or service, but may still use a personal driver whom they have employed to take them from call to call in the Baltimore area.

Outcall escorts in Baltimore travel to the clients location.

Incall providers in Baltimore expect the client to travel to the location of the escort.

Baltimore Fetish Escorts

Baltimore, Maryland, United States fetish escorts will usually cater to very specific requests made by the clients that contact them for escort fetish related services. This could end up being a simple request by the client for the Baltimore escort to show up to the clients place wearing specific articles of clothing, or to show up and beat them like a kangaroo that is trying to carry away their baby in its jaws. Who knows?

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