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Let’s explore: Adult search

AdultSearch has been around for years now. Much longer than most others that you see displayed for search results of keywords like: Los Angeles Escorts, or, Escorts Near Me. They are a site that crawled up the ranks of search engines over the years, and after the fall of, rose to a very prominent position. They do not let just anyone advertise with them, it seems, and are known for thoroughly screening their new ad posters. By doing this, they are decreasing the amount of ads that a user could potentially be seeing, but are simultaneously increasing the odds of a friendly user experience. The amount of daily content added could be considered moderate, but the quality of content that this platform brings is what keeps its rank at number 1, in our opinion.

Today in the world of adult entertainment, we have:

Eros is an original player in the online escort game. The roots of this site go as deep as those of Craigslist, or Backpage. Eros has always maintained a noteworthy search engine ranking, even during the time of behemoth platforms such as, Backpage. This is no scam site, and their credibility as a platform are unquestioned, but they have their issues. Posters have complained about the difficulty of setting up an account with multiple ads in different cities (Escorts are known to travel) and site visitors have complained about low engagement from the posters. Nevertheless, Eros sits at a solid second place ranking, mostly due to its dedication to the industry, and quality content.

It’s adult entertainment, but it’s no Adult Search.

EscortsAffair is a new player in the game. They first made their prestigious page two appearance for escort search engine results when cityxguide took their fall from grace. is a platform that is reminiscent of Backpage but with a more modern touch. What keeps this platform in such high ranking with us is, its very user friendly. By charging a modest $3.00 per ad and maintaining such a user-friendly website, they have increased their level of content. In bigger cities like, Los Angeles, you can appreciate a little more variety and an easy to navigate platform.