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SFV Escort

If you’re looking for San Fernando Valley escorts, female escorts in San Fernando Valley, An escort in SFV, or an SFV escort, then this is the right place to be. is an adult classifieds website that allows users to post San Fernando Valley California ads in categories such as the one you’re in now, escorts.

If you are an SFV Independent escort, an escort who works part-time with an agency, or an SFV escort agency, then you are fortunate to have found this escort classified website. You can post free ads in our San Fernando Valley escort section, and in our other categories as well. This helps your SFV escort service by saving you overhead costs.

San Fernando Valley escorts are doing incall and outcall services near you in California.

San Fernando Valley GFE Escort

A San Fernando Valley GFE escort is not always what some believe them to be. A common misconception is that any SFV escort ad that has the acronym (which stands for Girlfriend Experience) included in it must indicate that the San Fernando Valley escort will be providing some type of sexual services to their clients. We would very much disagree with this perception, as girlfriends across the world have vastly different practices and mannerisms from one another.

But, even with that being the case, due to the confusion around this code, it is best to stay away from any SFV California ads that have included it because the police may also take note of it and may try to arrest you in a sting operation. Consider this, just look at how much they loved stomping on the people’s constitutional rights during the Rona fiasco. They literally pulled a solo paddle boarder out of the ocean. Even though it made no sense they still did it. Why? Because in true nazi-like spirit they claimed to have just been following orders.

San Fernando Valley FS Escort

FS is an acronym that stands for Full Service and is also at times confused with an assurance of sexual related services when seen in a San Fernando Valley escort ad. Because of the confusion surrounding the code, lots of escorts, or escort agencies in SFV will include phrases like “San Fernando Valley FS Escort” in their ads for marketing purposes but actually have no intention of providing those types of services to any of their clients.

Example: Your idea of what full service should mean will most likely vary from someone else. You may think that you’re due sexual services, and the next guy will think that it means the escort is totally down for a day at the beach with a back massage soon thereafter. Like the acronym mentioned above this one, it is probably best for you to steer clear of any ads with this reference, as the police may jump at the chance to make your body their choice.

BBBJ escorts in SFV

BBBJ escorts in SFV are allegedly offering the illegal service of Bareback Blow Job so, you should probably stay far away from any ads with this code. If you decide not to you may just end up having to spread your cheeks and cough a few times for an LA sheriff that loves his job way too much. BTW, TruEscorts will not allow any of these acronyms or codes with potentially illegal meanings in any ads posted.

San Fernando Valley Independent Escort

A San Fernando Valley independent escort does not work with an agency or service, but may still use a personal driver whom they have employed to take them from call to call throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

SFV Outcall and Incall escorts

SFV Outcall escorts travel to the clients location only. They do not host clients at the escorts location. An
Incall escort in SFV expects the client to travel to the location of the escort.

San Fernando Valley Fetish Escorts

San Fernando Valley fetish escorts will usually cater to very specific requests made by the client. This could be a simple request by the client for the escort to show up wearing a very specific article of clothing or to show up and treat them like a cockroach running across your kitchen floor and beat them with a 2 ft long dildo.

Stings in San Fernando Valley

Escort stings in San Fernando Valley are extremely frustrating. It is Los Angeles police setting up either a client or an escort and they hope to try and ruin your life with prostitution-related charges. We would estimate that roughly 95% of stings in LA are carried out at hotels or motels. On some super rare occasions, the police will also use apartments or condos for those types of operations. The good news is that if you’re doing things legally then you have nothing to worry about when it comes to stings in the SFV area.

If you do get wrapped up in one and you know that there’s been a mistake made by the cops it is probably best for you to identify yourself if required by state law and to immediately ask to speak with your attorney. The police would obviously already be planning on taking you in to jail or at least filing charges against you. There is almost no way at all that you’re going to talk them out of it. They’re looking for a promotion and you are just their stepping stone to get to it.

SFV Stings

If you don’t say anything to them asides from identifying yourself and requesting to speak with your attorney, well, they may have almost nothing to go on. Those types of charges are usually misdemeanors. So, even if you do go to jail it’ll be brief, and much briefer if you just bail the hell out. This is obviously just our humble opinion and should not be taken as legal advice. If you wish to help the Los Angeles police squad ruin your life and control your body please, by all means, dig yourself into as deep a hole as you’d like. As they say, anything that you say can and will be used against you. But just remember, before they say all that they say “You have the right to remain silent.” Only they save that part for right after they’ve tricked you into talking yourself into a guilty verdict.

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