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Kinks and fetsh services in Orange County California are becoming more and more mainstream, especially for those who watch shows like American Horror Story, or networks like Vice. Even still it can be hard for someone to find a partner in Orange County CA that are willing to participate in their fetishes. In this section, you may be yourself and either post an ad to offer your dom and fetish services or users may post an ad seeking someone who is willing to indulge their kink fantasies. Below we will include some examples of dom and fetish kinks that are prevalent in the Orange County area of California.

BDSM and Age Fetishes in OC California

BDSM is an acronym that stands for “bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism” with many of the definitions included here falling under the realm of this cluster of fetishes.

If you have ever referred to your partner as “baby” or “baby girl” then you have already partaken in a form of lite age fetish roleplaying. It can be hard for people in OC to find willing participants for a kink that involves one, or all, participants involved to act a different age other than their own.

It may seem innocent enough at first glance, but for the more hardcore stuff like a guy who enjoys being spanked while wearing diapers, it can most definitely be difficult finding a partner to indulge his/her fantasy. This is a big reason why dom and fetish escorts in Orange County do so well for themselves.

Bondage, Dominance, and Foot Fetish in Orange County CA

Bondage obviously falls into the BDSM category. It is when one or both partners enjoy being tied up. If a person enjoys being the one tied up, and doing the tying on different occasions, they’re referred to as a “switch”. Some people use handcuffs, others use rope, and some just use what is available to them in the bedroom like; a neck-tie, or extension cord.

As is the case with most kinks, it can be difficult for people in Orange County to find partners to indulge their more hardcore fantasies. Because of this, fetish escorts in Southern California tend to make a killing. Bondage can be a very arousing tool for those into dom and fetish.

Dominance is essentially half of the BDSM category (dominance and submission). This Orange County kink is about a consensual power role exchange. The dominant partner gets pleasure from taking control. The submissive one enjoys being, well, submissive and dominated. A dominatrix in the OC area is said to do very well for themselves.

Foot fetishes are more mainstream and one of the most common OC fetishes, especially among straight males. If someone has a foot fetish it means that are usually turned on by feet. They like thinking about them, seeing them, touching them, etc. Having a partner with a foot fetish can be a big plus, as it tends to lead to massive amounts of foot massages.

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Gagging Humiliation, and Japanese Bondage Fetish services in OC

Gagging fetishes in Orange County tend to involve one of the partners choking on an object to the point of making gagging sounds. Just think about how mainstream that actually is for a second. If you’re a guy then you may enjoy the sound of your partner gagging a little as they try to shove you down their throat just a bit more. There are also people who enjoy being the ones doing the gagging.

Not every BDSM act needs to be physical. Using name-calling and other verbal abuse as a manner of humiliating your partner can do the trick for many people in OC. An example of how mainstream this one is would be to consider if you or your partner have ever enjoyed calling each other names like; slut, whore, or bitch while in the sack together. If you have, well, you have already participated in a form of humiliation fetish.

Japanese bondage a variety of bondage that is almost always done with rope. Kinbaku translates to “the beauty of tight binding” and shibari, which is more mainstream, translates to “decoratively tie.”

Masochism Fetish in OC California

If you enjoy being spanked, spit on, or humiliated, you might be a masochist. People in Orange County California that are into masochism tend to enjoy either physical or emotional pain.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the world of dominatrixes. They are not just people in leather outfits who spank and whip clients for their pleasure. They are professionals who provide a service that is beneficial for those with masochistic tendencies.

OC Dominatrix

A dominatrix is a person that derives sexual pleasure in being dominant over others. These activities can include a number of things, such as spanking or whipping someone, but also more complicated things like humiliation and role-playing. A typical session with a dominatrix can include anything from erotic and non-sexual touching to domination in different ways (such as verbal humiliation, objectification, bondage, and trampling). The main idea is that the client gives the “power” to the dominatrix by letting her control his life for an hour.

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