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So, you’ve launched an escort website or another adult niche site, you’re fine-tuning your adult SEO strategy, and now you realize that backlinks are critical and you’re looking to buy adult backlinks. Sound about right? We hear the hell out of that. Fiverr is usually a popular suggestion for adult backlink building that most people see online. The trouble with that is, most of those Fiverr options don’t cater to the adult niche. Turns out, the adult industry is still very much in a taboo status.

In the sections below you will find a list of our adult backlinks and affiliates. It is the backlinks that create an extra boost with Google, so to speak. Google sees backlinks as recommendations. Some of those recommendations are more respected than others. Picture it like any mob movie you’ve ever seen. Whenever a made man vouches for someone new, it’s respected, and the new party is embraced. If some new guy tries to vouch for an even newer guy, they’re both probably gonna end up dead. That’s how much Google prefers a respected source (high DA adult backlinks).

Most people just end up trying to buy adult backlinks, because the suggested methods to acquire the backlinks are extremely time-consuming. Saving time is critical when you’re first getting started. It allows you to focus your efforts and get your adult niche affiliate business, or another type of monetized adult site, off the ground and rocketing to the moon. Backlinks for adult sites will help you achieve those goals.

Escort Backlinks

If you thought getting backlinks for your cam girl site was hard, try hunting for escort backlinks. You don’t feel like you’ve hit bottom until a furry themed little people porn site disagrees with your content choices and rejects your request for a link exchange. 😢

Here at TruEscorts we say, screw people like those pretentious furry little morons. Escorting is a legal service and only has a bad nostalgia attached to it because other people assume that all escorts are whores, and that their bodies would be better governed by someone else.

If you’re looking to buy escort backlinks to help your escort website’s Google search ranking, maybe we can help. We have a 3 backlink special, consisting of 2 permanent blog posts with content creation of 315 minimum words fine-tuned to your websites needs, and one yearly backlink placement here on TruEscorts. To our knowledge we have the best priced adult bundle backlinks package. To keep the backlink active after one year, affiliates can opt to waive the yearly fee for a link exchange, so long as the affiliates website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate for users, and is not complete click bait.

Adult Backlinks For SEO

Buying adult backlinks for SEO is not a bad idea. You can rock all other aspects of the SEO battle, but not having backlinks definitely holds you back. One exception to that would be if you have next to no competition for your targeted keywords. In that event, with time and mere decent SEO, you’ll surely climb the ranks of Google and other search engines. In most other events where your keywords are difficult to rank for, backlinks help. Your end goal should be to try and maintain a healthy portfolio of high ranking and plentiful adult backlinks. Allow us to be an affordable option which helps get you to that goal.



– $60.00 For a permanent blog post with optimized content and minimum of 315 words on both and, lifetime footer link placement on our affiliate webcam site, along with a lifetime link here on TruEscorts.

– $25.00 for individual blog posts of optimized content with at least 315 words.

– $45.00 for two separate blog posts of optimized content with at least 315 words.

– $30.00 yearly fee for backlink.
– $50.00 lifetime link one time fee

– $5.00 yearly fee for footer placement backlink.
– $20.00 lifetime link one time fee.

– $5.00 yearly fee for footer placement backlink.
– $20.00 lifetime link one time fee.

– $5.00 yearly fee for footer placement.
– $20.00 lifetime link one time fee.

– $5.00 yearly fee for footer placement.
– $20.00 lifetime link one time fee.

– $5.00 one time fee for blog post of 50 words with your choice of keyword anchor text on either, or

– $300.00 rush order for 20 adult webcam site backlinks (Delivery within 3 days).

– A free link exchange to waive any backlink fees.

We have up to 3 escort-themed websites (including this one) where we can place your link, along with 5 cam sites. That’s eight total potential links to help you boost your rankings. If you are interested in this offer reach out via our Contact Us method. When submitting, please include your anchor text, and the URL for the link. When done, we will email you back with confirmation and links to where your links can be found. Please do the same in return when you have finished placing our links on your site.

Buying Adult Links

To find out more or to purchase an adult backlink package, reach out to us through our Contact Us page. If you’re ready to place an order please include your full website link and desired anchor text. Also include 3 keyword phrases that you would like included within the content of the blog posts.

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