About Us

About Us

TruEscorts.com was founded and built by an escort industry expert.

For roughly 10 years he co-owned one of Southern California’s largest and most reputable escort companies. During that time he was able to absorb mountains of information related to the escort industry and has made it a point to include some of it here on TruEscorts for the users to also benefit from.

Throughout the site, users will find lists of escort industry acronyms and codes located under the escort ads or, a link to a far more extensive list of slang, and phrases, located at the bottom of our homepage. This information is intended to help any would-be clients stay safe, avoid scams, and avoid potential legal trouble with the constitution-stomping cops that enforced tyrannical lockdowns imposed by those who hoped to make our bodies their choice.

The codes and phrases that are mostly associated with illegal services will not be allowed on our platform. All ads submitted to TruEscorts must be cleared by the admin team, and if any ads contain those potentially illegal code phrases, well, they simply will not be cleared and no one will ever see them. It is not our goal to infringe on our users right to free speech, nor do we agree that most of those codes represent an actual illegal service being offered. However, to avoid having the constitution-stomping, freedom of speech hating feds, or cops, come knocking on our door only to hear us say “We’d like to speak to an attorney before answering any of your questions.” we just won’t allow those phrases to be used in ads on our platform.

It is also our goal to help escorts keep their daily advertising costs low by making our ads free to post. This could possibly change in the future to help us combat inflationary overhead costs of our own, but we will keep them free as long as possible.

The team at TruEscorts are also experts at spotting scammers, and spammers, thanks to our founders extensive knowledge of the escort industry. With this knowledge we can easily tell the difference between an escort, or escort service/agency, simply posting ads in their surrounding counties to gain more calls, and a scammer who’s goal it is to burn clients for their hard earned money. By remaining critical of the ads being posted we are trying to help ensure that clients reach actual companions, and that actual companions are not forced to compete with annoying spammers that flood the listings.

Law enforcement, if you’re reading this, or many other sections of our website where we make our feelings obvious remember, it was you who trampled on citizens constitutional rights and made your true colors known during the draconian lockdowns. It was you that violated the rights of citizen after citizen at the behest of the ones you truly protect and serve – the government. What we’re getting at is, you deserve every insult included on this website. We also recognize that all police aren’t the same. Some are very good people. But if you enforced any of that BS during the rona, well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but, you’re a piece of filth nazi. If you find that your feelings are hurt by this point, you’re clearly one of the bad ones. All good ones feel free to reach out with genuine concerns as noted on our Contact Us page.