Is There An Escort Near Me?

That’s what countless people wonder every day – Is there an escort near me? If you were wondering the same thing, well, we have some good news for you…You’re in the right place to find out! Take a look at the states and cities located above. Each city has category choices of; Escorts, Dom & Fetish, Adult Jobs (Like escort or escort driver jobs), Strip Clubs, and Webcam Girls Show & Chat. Don’t see your city listed but you would like to? Reach out through our contact form and we’ll see what we can do! If you do see your city listed, feel free to explore and see if there are any dominatrix services, adult gigs, or female escorts near you.

Independent Escorts

Independent escorts are in many ways like those who work for escort agencies. Often times an escort will figure out where the agencies are getting their call volume from. With that information they give they then attempt to post ads and screen the calls on their own. It usually leads to fewer calls at first. But, with confidence and wisdom from past mistakes, it ends up becoming more profitable. If you are an independent provider or an escort agency, post a free adult ad with us today and increase your call volume. No credit card, crypto address, or bank info is required. Just sign up for an account and post some ads. It's that easy!


What is an escort? In our opinion, they are someone that sells their time and companionship, nothing else. The difference between an escort and a prostitute is night and day. Just think about a secretary at the white house and the president. It is true that they both work in the same related industry, but there are clear and noticeable differences. Also, a prostitute is likely to prefer the label of escort, rather than most of the alternatives. Because of factors like what we've just mentioned, there are still some people out there with an unfavorable opinion of anyone that may work in escorting.

Some of those same people who would look down on an escort for selling their time, will be going into the office or to the job site and clocking in - Selling their own time and physical labor on top of that. Sounds like a clear example of "Rules for thee, not for me" type of mindset. No matter what your definition or view of an escort may be, it is a legal industry. Most cities require either a business or escorting permit. If you do not get a permit and are caught escorting you could face a stiff penalty of roughly 300 dollars, on average.

Escort Nearby

Fun fact, a lot of times authorities will intentionally book an escort when doing prostitution stings. This could be due to a quota needing to be filled, or outright evil intentions where they simply think it's funny to try and get an honest citizen a smudge on their record. They also need to justify the budget request each month or year. If there are fewer arrests it means a smaller budget.

In our opinion, if you get caught up in a sting where they called just any escort nearby and you know that either you didn't book the call, or that you did not agree to anything illegal, then maybe you should shut the hell up. Then maybe you request to speak to an attorney. A semi experienced lawyer should be able to tackle that case no problem.

Why? Because when the escort showed up to the hotel or motel (Standard larger city sting) and was promptly snatched up by force and moved against their will to another nearby room for detainment (Standard hotel/motel sting procedure), they only identified themselves, and then requested to speak to an attorney before answering any of their questions. In that scenario, what would they really have for a case?
This is obviously just our humble opinion and should not be taken as legal advice.

Find female escorts that are near me in the United States.

Female Companions

Browse our escort categories and see who's near you. Although the ads for female companions tend to get more attention, anyone may post an ad, not just the gals. If a city has a sizeable population there is almost always going to be a demand for female companions. Why would someone contact an escort to begin with, you ask? For various reasons. Maybe someone is in town on business and doesn't like sitting at the bar alone. Perhaps they're going through an emotional breakup or loss of their significant other. The reasons may vary, but one thing is for sure, the demand is most always there.

Some people wonder if escorting is legal. That may depend on your state and city laws, but it usually tends to be. Always make sure to look up what is required in your city to operate as a legal escort. One easy way to know if you're working for or applying to a legitimate escort service, company, or agency, is by paying attention to what is being expected and asked of you as an applicant.
If they ask for intimate photos but advertise as a legal escort service and therefore do not advertise sex services, then why need to know what you look like naked? The answer is, they shouldn't. There is a rare exception to companies that also generate calls for exotic dance requests. In that case it would be up to the applicant to agree or disagree. If you disagree to the nude dances they will usually still take you on as a companion. If they encourage in any way for you to engage in illegal conduct with a client, well, that's a red flag.

Best Escort Websites

We thoroughly screen our ads before allowing them to clear in the classified listings. By doing this we kill two birds with one stone. If we see something fishy or that seems like a scam, we won't clear the ad.

The first bird: By thoroughly screening the ads vs letting just any clear, we help increase the odds of users reaching genuine companions and not some scammer that's trying to steal your hard-earned money.

The second bird: By being vigilant we are ensuring that any users who post ads with us get the best results possible. No more trying to keep up with all the scam ads typically seen on most platforms. With us, real companions save money on overhead costs because our ads are free and they don't have to battle it out with tons of scam ads. And again, it's free to post!

The Most Trusted, Secure, and Top Escort Sites

No bank, crypto, or credit card information is required. You just sign up and start posting ads. You're not posting ads and just want to view ads, you say? Not an issue. Just navigate the site without creating an account. No personal information other than email for account sign up is needed. That information is never shared or sold.

Escort Search

Keep the following in mind when conducting your escort search, or posting an ad. This is also a US based company. No potentially illegal service acronyms, slang, or terminology will be allowed. This includes but is not limited to things like; GFE, FS, Full Service, BBBJ, Speak Greek, or any other terms typically associated with possible illegal services hidden within the ads of escorts. Read our About Us section to get a better understanding of our position on the matter.
Even with all the obstacles of having to vet your escorts or massage providers, the internet makes things easier than it used to be. Search our escort listings and see who's near you!

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